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As a new bride about eleven years ago I was visiting my in-laws in Virginia (yes, Lynne's parents!). The women's organization at church -the Relief Society - was hand-knitting bandages for lepers. Wanting to learn how to knit, I signed up for the project. And what a project it was! The bandages were knitted on teensy needles with the finest crochet thread. It took hours to knit only a few tedious inches. Perplexed, I questioned the ring-leader of the bandage-knitting crew on why we were knitting these instead of buying some gauze at the pharmacy. "Because," she told me, "the lepers believe that a handmade bandage has the karma of the maker in it. That energy can help heal their wounds."

This philosophy stuck with me. And slowly I began to appreciate - and then vigorously embrace - the homemade. When Lynne and I became mothers (months apart) we were simultaneously possessed by the obsession to make all kinds of things for our little boys. A handmade blanket, shirt, or pair of overalls was ten times more valuable to us than anything bought from the store. And then, again months apart, we had our daughters, and later our third daughters, and discovered the creative challenge of designing and making dresses. Somehow all of these handmade items we've made over the past few years have good energy in them and seem to envelop the child wearing or using it with our love. They also remind us of the wholesome traditions of our pioneer great-grandmothers and grandmothers and mothers before us - all smart, strong, good women who poured the best of themselves into their mothering and serving and living.

From morning till night we have ideas whirling through our heads as we care for our families. We both love to sew, paint, draw and write. Lynne has a background in art history and I, French literature. The more we collaborate, the more our ideas expand and grow, creating a virtuous cycle. We love to share our love of handmade and the joy of creating with others. To every woman, a sewing machine! Or paintbrush! Or knitting needle! Or, whatever you use! And if she can't sew, we will sew it for her!

Each thing in our little shop is handmade with love and great attention. These are goods with karma.
xx Melissa & Lynne